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The "Boston Marathon" of Trail Runs: Amby Burfoot, 2005

Past Winners of the Escarpment Trail Run: compiled by Ed Neiles

Damon Douglas: In Memoriam

Tour d'Escarpment 2004: Ben Nephew

Rocks and Rolls: Stefani Jackenthal, 2003. Originally published by Attache Magazine

Best of Times, Worst of Times: Escarpment '02: Jim Dunn's reflections on Escarpment 2002

Playing Plinko at Escarpment: Steve Darrow, Sept. 2002. Originally published by the Finger Lakes Runners Club.

Rip's Revenge: Don Kardong, Runner's World, August 1995. We have reproduced this article with permission from Runner's World.

The Escarpment Trail, the Ultimate Test: an article about the first Escarpment Trail Run in 1977, by Paul Fetscher. Originally printed in Today's Jogger, Summer 1977.

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Escarpment Trail Run 2002 : Carol Kane's account of the 2002 race, on the HiTek Racing site

Untitled Article (with pictures): Van Talmage, writes about Escarpment 2001

Escarpment Race 7/29/2001: by Pete Minde; Dover, NJ

2000 Escarpment 30K Trail Race Report: by Benjamin Nephew

Escarpment Trail Run: Steve Cangemi's report of the 1999 Run

Escarpment Trail Run: Steve Cangemi's report of his 1997 Run

High Above the Hawks: Bob Kopac's account of the Run (posted February 1999)

Advice from an Escarpment Newbie, 2003: From a runner named Clay (near the bottom of the page)

Also of Interest

Dick Vincent: 25 Years a Streaker: by David Blaikie (Ultramarathon World). Not about the race, but about its founder

Brush with Adventure: a hiker's perspective on the Escarpment Trail, by Peter Kick of Backpacker Magazine

Entry in the Escarpment Trail Run, held every July near Palenville, New York, requires certain qualifications. To learn more, visit the Escarpment Trail Run home page.

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