Past Winners of the Escarpment Trail Run

Escarpment Trail Race, 18.7 Miles:
East Windham to North Lake (Haines Falls), New York

25 Jul 2004 2:45:20 Benjamin Nephew--5 3:46:03 Sheryl Wheeler--2
27 Jul 2003 2:52:39 Benjamin Nephew--4 3:29:50 Sheryl Wheeler (NY/USA)
28 Jul 2002 2:50:56 Benjamin Nephew 3:07:52 Cassy Bradley-Byrne--4
29 Jul 2001 2:48:00 Benjamin Nephew 3:16:38 Cassy Bradley-Byrne
30 Jul 2000 2:58:35 Benjamin Nephew (MA/USA) 3:24:27 Nikki Kimball (NY/USA)
25 Jul 1999 3:01:36 Michael Halstead (NY/USA) 3:07:22 Cassy Bradley-Byrne
26 Jul 1998 2:57:44 Peter Keeney (ME/USA) 3:12:02 Cassy Bradley (PA/USA)
27 Jul 1997 2:57:34 Rich Fargo--8 4:03:25 Debbie Berner (PA/USA)
28 Jul 1996 3:00:22 Rich Fargo 3:42:34 Audrey Balander (NY/USA)
30 Jul 1995 2:45:46 Matt Cull--4 3:39:55 Deborah Askew (CA/USA)
31 Jul 1994 2:52:19 Rich Fargo 4:00:39 Susan MacEachern (MA/USA)
25 Jul 1993 2:47:12 Matt Cull 3:29:30 Gillian Sharp (NY/USA)
26 Jul 1992 2:51:16 Matt Cull 3:32:04 Jan Vermilye (NY/USA)
28 Jul 1991 2:47:51 Rich Fargo 4:06:54 Jean Kerr--4
29 Jul 1990 2:51:55 Rich Fargo (CT/USA) 3:49:18 Christine Gibbons (NJ/USA)
30 Jul 1989 2:50:39 Rich Fargo 3:55:26 Jean Kerr
31 Jul 1988 2:49:20 Rich Fargo 3:43:03 Laura Paddock
26 Jul 1987 2:49:12 Eric Weyman--2 3:54:24 Jean Kerr
27 Jul 1986 2:50:25 Rich Fargo (CT/USA) 3:44:14 Lori Jorgensen (NY/USA)
28 Jul 1985 2:56:03 Matt Cull (VT/USA) 3:45:31 Jean Kerr (NY/USA)
29 Jul 1984 2:52:40 Eric Weyman (PA/USA) 4:10:42 Monica Martin
31 Jul 1983 3:05:39 Mike Kelly & Paul Nowicky 4:19:21 GiGi Blair (VA/USA)
25 Jul 1982 2:48:22 Bill Glatz (NY/USA) 3:39:55 Kate Bricker (CO/USA)
26 Jul 1981 3:06:45 Steve Tarry (NH/USA) 4:30:35 Sandy Arvidson
27 Jul 1980 3:09:09 Peter Crisi--2 5:22:12 Margarete Deckert (NY/USA)
22 Jul 1979 3:06:09 Peter Crisi (MA/USA) 5:23:58 Cathy Schrader (NY/USA)
23 Jul 1978 3:08:00 Dick Vincent (NY/USA) - None
24 Jul 1977 3:26:20 Paul Enright (USA) 6:20:01 B.J. Jerkowski

Most Wins (1977-date)


4 Jean Kerr (NY/USA) 1985, 87, 89, 91
4 Cassy Bradley-Byrne (PA/USA) 1998-99, 2001-02


8 Rich Fargo (CT/USA) 1986, 1988-91, 1994, 1996-97
5 Benjamin Nephew (MA/USA) 2000-2004
4 Matt Cull (VT/USA) 1985, 1992-93, 1995

The Escarpment Trail is a very rugged hiking trail in the Northern Catskill Mts. in New York State. This single track trail is very remote, crossing no roads, has a total elevation changes of nearly 10,000 feet, and all aid must be backpacked in by volunteers. This is not for your average runner but for the runner who trains 12 months a year, and has spent years building a base and gaining long distance experience. Therefore, qualifying standards are required to insure that all participants have experience with endurance events and have a reasonable chance of completing the course within 6 hours.

The trail is viewed by many as an exaggeration of the term. It is extremely rocky and a runner must expect to navigate over boulders, downed trees, gullies and hidden roots the entire distance. Contestants must be prepared to deal with any of the forest's natural barriers, such as bees, slippery rocks, porcupines, black bears (not probable, but possible) and anything else that can be found in the forests of the Catskills. There are numerous places where runners must climb hand over fist to scale a rise, conversely, extremely steep downhill sections add not only challenge to the course, but also a high degree of unwelcome danger. There are sections of the course that travel along cliffs. If you're not careful, you could fall to your death. Very few runners go the distance without taking at least one painful spill. Most runners take many. Believe me, you're going to take a flop or two, or more. Bees!!! In 1987, we ran into lots of them. If you are allergic to bee stings, you MUST run with your own medication.

THIS IS NOT A CARRIAGE is a treacherous hiking trail. There won't be a vehicle to fetch you if you if you should decide to quit and it is your responsibility to get to the finish line.This is not a Run-For-All and we are not trying to hype it or make it something it is not. There won't be people telling you where the trail goes, doctors to wipe your blisters, or a bus to give you a ride to the finish if you decide you can't continue. This is a wonderful run across wonderful country, a run in which we will share the experience and the friendship with those qualified runners who choose to participate. No awards, no age goup categories. Just runners, mountains, and some refreshments at the finish line..

Entry in the Escarpment Trail Run, held every July near Palenville, New York, requires certain qualifications. To learn more, visit the Escarpment Trail Run home page.

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